Dwight Schuh


"Over the years I've had some painful shoulder problems, primarily an impinged rotator cuff in my bow shoulder. The tubing exercises listed in the BowFit brochure have helped me considerably. They are designed by a professional physical therapist for archers and bowhunters."


Tom Nelson


"I make my living shooting a bow as host of American Archer T.V. show, so you can imagine how important it is that I am able to draw back my bow when needed. With my active schedule, I am often away from home for extended periods. Many times these trips are not bowhunting excursions but, sport shows and seminars. Keeping my shoulder in shape is often difficult as hauling my bow along is not an option. With the Bowfit, I can now stay loosened up and in shape year round, no matter where my travel plans may take me. It is a quality product made for bowhunters and archers and is a great training tool and therapy for bowbenders such as myself. I would highly recommend Bowfit to any and all bowhunters and archers"


Joella Bates

First Woman Bowhunter to Harvest African Big 5

“In 2001, my goal was to become the first woman to take an African Cape buffalo with a bow. I successfully used the Heavy Bowfit to train and increase my upper body strength to pull the required 85#. On May 10, 2001, I accomplished my goal. I regularly use the Bowfit as a portable training aid as I travel on sales trips and recently trained with the Safari tube to prepare for my upcoming Big 5 African safari. With the help of God and my diligent Bowfit training, I was able to draw a 90# Athens Accomplice bow to shoot a 6.5-ton elephant and a 3000# behemoth Cape Buffalo. I became the first woman bowhunter to harvest the African Big 5 on Oct. 3, 2009 and the first bowhunter to take the Big 5 in a single safari. As part of my daily routine, I use the Bowfit for stretching, to warm up before shooting and to balance my back muscles. I always pull it with both arms, which alleviates a lot of pain from impinging nerves caused by an imbalance from one-sided shooting of heavy poundage bows. The Bowfit training has also helped me shoot from my knees and awkward positions. I highly recommend Bowfit for beginners and experienced archers; it will help you shoot better and increase your effective draw weight and harvest range.”


Rick Valdez


"With the Bowfit Safari Tube, I had no problems shooting my 100 pound bow in Africa and was able to make good shot placement on some very tough African animals. I strongly recommend Bowfit to all archers and hunters anywhere!"


Chris Rager


"I have found your Bowfit products to be an absolute necessity in any archer's duffle bag. I personally found it to be my most useful tool while training for my African Big 5 hunt this past season. When shooting bows set at 106lbs., you never want to go more than a day without shooting. Having the Bowfit with me at all times assured me that I could stay in the proper shape needed. The Bowfit now goes with me on every hunt no matter where I'm hunting. Thank you so much for all your help."


Kevin J.


"I am 12 yrs. old and this is my first year bowhunting. I was shooting 26 lbs. during the Winter and Spring 3D leagues but couldn't pull back a 40 lb. bow needed to hunt big game in Idaho. My neighbor, Dave Cole, gave me a Bowfit and had me exercise with it everyday for a couple of months before our antelope hunt. I got alot stronger and could easily pull my 40 lb. bow. I harvested my first big game animal, an antelope, on August 24, 2000."