Archery Fit DVD

Archery Fit DVD

Archery Fit: Strengthening Tips from the Pros is a video guide to archery strengthening and injury prevention featuring some of the top names in the industry. Hear training tips from top professional archers, master coaches and international bowhunters. You will also see great archery exercises and workout routines from the pros-guaranteed to improve your bow holding power!



Randy Ulmer is one of the World's top professional archers and was recently inducted into the Bowhunting Hall of Fame. Randy outlines his practical strengthening program for increasing draw weight and preventing injury.



Dave Cole MSPT is a physical therapist and avid bowhunter. Dave explains the four common causes of archery injury and offers tips on how to avoid them. He also demonstrates proper stretching techniques and simple exercises for a great archery workout.



Brenda Valentine, also known as the "First Lady of Hunting", discusses the rapid growth of women into archery and hunting. Brenda outlines her five-step program for strengthening women and young archers.



Dwight Schuh, editor of Bowhunter Magazine, is also a member of the Bowhunting Hall of Fame. Dwight shares his personal shoulder and back workout routine and other tips that have prolonged his archery career.



Master Coaches, George Chapman & Alexander Kirillov have developed the PSE Shooter School; one of the most respected coaching programs for archers anywhere. George and Alexander teach great exercises for training the back tension muscles.



Joella Bates is a five-time World Champion archer and the first woman to take the African Big 5 with a bow. Joella talks about her training program to prepare for bowhunting dangerous big game.



G. Fred Asbell has served as President of the Pope and Young Club since 1984 and is a noted traditional archery authority. Fred discusses strengthening tips to help the traditional archer improve draw weight and shooting performance.



Keith Beam, owner and co-founder of Double Bull Archery offers personal insight into shoulder reconstruction and rehab using the Bowfit Archery Exerciser.



Introduction by Tom Nelson, noted outdoor writer and host of the award-winning American Archer TV Show.