How To Use

Step by Step How To Use

The Bowfit Archery Exerciser is simple to use--In fact, if you can tie your shoe, you can use the Bowfit. As they say, a picture is worth a thousands words so we will keep it brief.


The Bowfit consists of a single strand of tubing with a foam handgrip and a nylon webbing wrist strap


Used as a single strand, you can do simple warmup stretches as well as upper body strengthening exercises.


You can also warmup the muscles prior to shooting using the single strand bow drawing stretch.


To increase the resistance of the Bowfit, simply place the end of the tubing through the brass hole (grommet) on the nylon webbing.


This creates a loop. Shorten the loop to create more draw weight.


Grip the excess tubing with your hand to keep it from slipping through the grommet.


Now, simply pull back to full draw and hold.(important: Do Not shorten the loop less than 8 inches before drawing - this will over stress the tube.)


You can use a triple loop to add even more resistance.


Simply, grip the excess tubing in your foam-grip hand. This now allows you to pull 3 lengths of tube


The Bowfit Archery Exerciser is versatile in that you can use it either as a release-aid draw or traditional finger-style draw.


Take the Bowfit Archery Exerciser with you wherever you go. It is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, fanny pack or glove box for use anywhere. STAY IN ARCHERY SHAPE YEAR ROUND WITH THE BOWFIT ARCHERY EXERCISER!!


  • Professional archer, Randy Ulmer stated in a recent bowhunting publication: " One key tenet of injury prevention in all sports is proper warmup, and archery is no different from any other sport ( except that very few people warm up before they shoot a bow). One of the best ways to prevent athletic injury is to prepare muscles, tendons and ligaments for the stress of the sport--before you begin......Dwight Schuh introduced me to a rubber device called the Bowfit that works very well for this purpose."

  • Bowfit is perfect to use as a warm up tool. The resistance can be easily adjusted and it works the same muscles used in pulling back a bow. We recommend drawing back on light resistance and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this motion 10 times before shooting. Bowfit is small and compact enough to warmup and keep muscles loose while sitting long hours in the treestand.

  • Use Bowfit to build "specific" shooting muscles for drawing your bow. Practice drawing and holding the Bowfit from the many different shooting positions and angles you might encounter while bowhunting.

  • To simulate extra weight in your bow hand, hold a dumbbell, handweight, iron or even your own bow while pulling on the Bowfit. This will train the exact muscles used in drawing and holding a bow.