Get Ready, Get Fit, Get Bow Fit
Dave Cole of Bowfit

BOWFIT: a unique, compact exerciser for archers and bowhunters. Developed by a physical therapist, BOWFIT strengthens the upper body archery muscles required to pull a heavier bow, hold on target longer, and hold rock steady. BOWFIT is versatile, adjustable, simple to use, durable and affordable. BOWFIT can be used in the field as well as at home.

ARCHERY FIT: video guide to strengthening archery muscles and injury prevention featuring some of the top names in the sport. In this important video the viewer will see and hear training tips from top professional archers, master coaches and international bowhunters such as: Dwight Schuh, Randy Ulmer, Brenda Valentine, G. Fred Asbell, Joella Bates, PSE's George Chapman and Alexander Kirillov, Tom Nelson and Dave himself.

Back Brace: The Sportsman's Back Brace is loaded with special features that provide lowback support and comfort for the active sportsman. The Sportsman's Back Brace will lessen your chance of back injury and make those long hours afield more enjoyable!

Safari Tube: The new Safari Exerciser is a Bowfit Archery Exerciser on steroids! The super-tough safari tube builds strength for drawing heavy poundage bows (80# plus). One of our customers shot an elephant with his 106# bow after training with the Safari Exerciser!

Combo Package: Order the Bowfit Archery Exerciser and the Archery Fit Video combination package for super savings!

HISTORY: The background of Dave Cole's invention of the unique BOWFIT archers exerciser and the development of the BOWFIT Workout. 

How To Use Bowfit: The Bowfit Archery Exerciser is very simple to use.  This page contains easy to follow instructions and photos showing various ways to use the Bowfit Archery Exerciser.

TESTIMONALS:  Hear what is being said about BOWFIT.

EMAIL BOWFIT: Contact BOWFIT via email at

BOWFIT is designed for  both release aid and finger style shooters. BowFit has been featured in numerous bowhunting and archery magazines and regularly appears on TV and The Outdoor Channel. It is currently being used by bowhunting greats: Chuck Adams, G. Fred Asbell, Jim Dougherty, Tom Nelson, Ted Nugent, Joella Bates, Dwight Schuh, Randy Ulmer, Brenda Valentine, Dave Watson and thousands of successful bowhunters around the Globe.

Guarantee: If not satisfied with results, return within 30 days for full refund.

BOWFIT is also available online at and in Cabela's Catalog
The Bowfit Archery Exerciser is available directly from Bowfit for $24.95 plus $4 S/H.

Replacement Tubes now available: $9.95 plus $4.00 S/H. (Safari Tubes 14.95 plus $4.00 S/H)

Send a check or money order to the address below or call 888-757-5541.

Online purchase through Bowhunting.Store / 469-361-2416. (shipping charges vary)

Joella Bates website

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Preston, ID 
(Toll Free)  888-757-5541

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